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A beautifully designed door or window can drastically improve the appearance of any space. It can also provide security, proper ventilation, and good lighting. With just a simple change to your doors or windows, your property will improve its curb appeal and its market value if you ever plan on selling it.

Does yours look like it’s in bad shape and could use a replacement? Or does it look like it can still be repaired with some tender loving care from a good craftsman? Whatever your door and window situation is, the skilled carpenters at Clarkies Carpentry and Construction are always ready to be your problem-solvers.

We can direct your whole project and offer you a full-service Southern Highlands windows and doors installation, beginning from the material recommendations down to the inquiries after completion. The task of windows and doors installation or repairs may seem simple but it’s actually a job best left to the professionals. Avoid trial and errors and let us do the work for you!

Want to know what will be covered in our Southern Highlands windows and doors repairs and installations services? Here’s a general list of the things you can expect while working with us.

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Windows and Doors Installation Services

Craftsmanship and cleanliness. Our team not only works with the utmost efficiency but also with craftsmanship that has been developed through the years through training and practical experience. They are highly qualified to turn any of your concepts into reality and also have the skills to build openings and prepare them for window or door installations. Meticulous with our procedure, we check for air and water leaks, and seal all cracks to make sure that we cover all the bases. We respect your space and put emphasis on cleanliness. No mess will be left behind after our working process. We are also friendly and approachable which makes partnering with us easy and enjoyable.

In-depth consultation and collaborative process. We will arrange a consultation at your convenience to discuss the important details such as whether you want a new door for your patio, a sliding door for your entrance or a glass window for your living room. A visit may also be necessary so we can determine the full extent of your needs. This enables us to assess the damage and the repairs applicable to your situation. We will offer you our expert advice and help you choose stylish and durable materials that fits your budget. Just among your options are vinyl, aluminum, PVC, steel, and wood. We will make sure that the end result fits the architectural design of your space.

Energy-conserving windows and door installations. Windows and doors can also contribute to the efficient use of energy in your home or office. When you have a cracked window or door frame, this can lead to faulty insulation to your spaces. With proper installation, you can considerably reduce heat loss and have a well-ventilated room, cutting down your expenses on bills.

As your trusted Southern Highlands windows and doors installers, we are one hundred percent committed to the job and are always looking for ways to improve your homes. Contact us now so we can finally get started on your project

Barn door opened to reveal the inside of a home. Built by Clarkies Carpentry
New aluminium sliding doors built and installed by Clarkies Carpentry in the Southern Highlands, NSW
New french style windows with black trimmings and a lock on the inside