Southern Highlands Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Installation

Do you want a lawn or a backyard that gives you and your family some form of visual excitement? The surest and quickest way to do this is by adding beautiful flowers and pruned shrubs accompanied by lighting that will make your lot an impressive display.

But if you really want to go all the way and push the aesthetics of your property, let our professional team of craftsmen build you Southern Highlands retaining walls that will provide you with elevated and interesting soft-space flower beds made of supreme quality blocks that fit your budget. And to even make your space more of a stand out, we can design these blocks as outdoor sets along with customised seating. You can use this area as your family’s hang out place where you can build bonfires and entertain guests. With this captivating and updated landscaping design, your neighbors won’t be able to stop talking about your new and cool yard!

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Aside from the added stylistic value that retaining walls provide, they also have some practical uses. Southern Highlands retaining walls can be the solution to your yard problems that take in the form of soil erosions. When planned and constructed by skilled professionals, they act as support and hinder the pressure of soil caused by environmental factors such as the weather and changing seasons. Another practical use for retaining walls is for safety purposes. Adding retaining walls to your inclined steps that leads to the public sidewalk can help prevent accidents.

With all these benefits that retaining walls can offer, we’re sure you’re excited to have it built in your residential or commercial space. If you partner with Clarkies Carpentry and Construction, you have a Southern Highlands carpenter that can build you all three—a stylish, durable, and safe retaining wall!

Just to give you more details on what you can expect by working with us, here’s a quick list of the things we will cover during the retaining walls construction process.

The Installation & Construction Process

We’re with you every step of the way. We will make sure to arrange a guided design and planning for you. Right from the beginning, we will discuss with you the details of your envisioned retaining walls and have it tailored according to your specific needs. We take into consideration factors such as the location, soil quality, design and water management.

  • For the location, we have to be aware of the above and underground utilities so we can accommodate them during the planning.

  • Knowing the soil quality can help us ensure that the base or foundation of the retaining walls will be able to sustain the needed strength to reinforce the wall.

  • As for the design, we will show you different color options, blueprint, and building blocks that will best match your ideal landscape.

  • In terms of water management, these things are essential because we have to evaluate the slope, wall height, hydrostatic pressure, and even gravity among other things.

Now that you have an idea of our Southern Highlands retaining walls construction process, contact us so you can finally have your very own functional and decorative outdoor setting.

Front shot of stone retaining wall with a brick house in the background. Photo taken in the Southern Highlands, NSW
Angled photo of retaining wall made of stone built in the Southern Highlands, NSW
Double Retaining wall made of brick and timber parallel to a driveway in the Southern Highlands, NSW. Built by Clarkies Carpentry & Construction