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Transformative Landscaping Services

Do you feel like there’s something missing in the exteriors of your personal or private space and want to spice it up? Then have it landscaped by your reliable, efficient and trust-worthy Southern Highlands carpenter,Clarkies Carpentry and Construction.

Home improvements is our mission as craftsmen and so we don’t only do Bowral carpentry and construction jobs—building you beautiful pergolas and decks, installing eaves and cladding, conducting fit-outs, and doing window repairs—but we also specialise in landscaping services in the Southern Highlands.

We can’t deny the transformative powers of landscaping when it comes to your home or commercial renovations.

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Modifying your front yard or your backyard’s terrain by adding flowers in your garden with nicely built retaining walls can turn your aesthetics from zero to a hundred. Experience the joys of looking outside your window to find a lovely view that you’ll be proud to call your own!

Ready to take on yourlandscaping Southern Highlandsprojects with us as your partner? Here’s a list of what we can do for you when transforming your outdoor living.

Guided conceptualisation and specialised design. We know landscaping can be an exciting task but it can sometimes be overwhelming. There can be too many things you have to consider and too many designs to choose from. But with us, your partners at Clarkies Carpentry and Construction, we will help you right from the initial stages of design and conceptualisation to make sure that the final results are as close to your vision as possible.

With our accumulated years of Bowral carpentry and background in landscaping around the Southern Highlands, we have developed a keen eye and exquisite taste and can show you several sample designs you can choose from. We also make sure to tweak these designs according to your needs. Is the project a residential property and do you have children who would want an outside space they can play during the day? Or is it an outdoor restaurant with nice pergolas and decks that can benefit from an inviting and welcoming landscape that will be sure to attract customers? These are just some of the things we take into account during the designing and planning.

Varieties of landscaping features you can choose from. When you’re on the road of outdoor renovations, there are countless landscaping features you can add to your masterpiece. We can help you with each of these so you can just sit back and watch as your dream backyard or lawn unfolds before you. We can build retaining walls and prepare planting beds to grow your favorite flowering plants, and even transfer shrubs and flowering trees. If you so choose, we can also construct a driveway that looks like it’s part of the landscape, or a walkway that’s especially designed to add functionality and aesthetic value to your property.

Cost-effective landscaping work. We understand your desire to beautify your outdoors, but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of breaking the bank. The same way we make sure to offer excellent and budget-friendly services for our clients who partner with us in installing their eaves and cladding, conducting fit-outs, and window repairs, we will also always try to find ways to conduct the landscaping project in the most cost-effective ways by finding you the best materials that fits your budget and making sure that you get the quality labor that you deserve.

Now that you’ve read about our landscaping services, we hope to hear from you soon. Let’s build that picturesque landscape you’ve always dreamed of!

Angled photo of small retaining wall built by Clarkies Carpentry in the Southern Highlands
The Clarkies Carpentry team working with an artistic filter applied to the photo
Garden bed with a shovel and wheelbarrow in the foreground in the Southern Highlands