Deck and Pergola Builders, Southern Highlands, NSW

Decks and Pergolas For A Tailored Outdoor Setting

Add a special twist to the exterior of your private or commercial space by constructing stylish decks and pergolas. Not only do they make great visual focal point but they also serve as functional entertainment area. Spend a nice summer day outside and just soak in the sun’s light under the shades of your pergolas or have a nice barbeque in your deck with your friends.

Can you imagine all the fun you and your family can have if you have a dedicated space for your outdoor living? The possibilities can be endless!

If you need more reasons why you should get decks and pergolas for your homes, here’re just some of the benefits of having them.

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Benefits of Decks and Pergolas

An extension of your living space. Skilled Southern Highlands deck builders can create a deck that’s beautiful and offers an extended space for you and your family. If you have children, they can play with their toys in your deck area during the afternoons and then convert the space into an intimate dining setting in the evenings for some quality time with your partner. You just need some creativity to transform your deck into a valuable part of your home.

Offers extra privacy. If the idea of being outside and being seen by your neighbors feel a bit too exposed for you, then having pergolas covering your decks can give you that sense of privacy. You can even hang drapes or screens to your pergolas to really make you comfortable.

An area for your beloved plants. Your pergolas can also offer an outdoor garden. Just hang your beloved plants on the boards and planks to create an impressive and inviting garden you and your family will want to hang around any day. Vine-like plants that grow from the ground and climb on boards are preferable since they can create a green ceiling on your deck.

Now that you have ideas on how decks and pergolas can add value to your homes, we’re sure you’re looking forward to having one of your own!

Our team of Southern Highlands deck builders at Clarkies Carpentry and Construction are excited to partner with you and would love to offer you our premium quality craftsmanship. Not all decks and pergolas are made equal, but with us, you’re in expert hands who have a long history of carpentry and have been building the perfect outdoor space for Southern Highlands residences. Highly-skilled, creative, and resourceful, our team will collaborate with you in creating unique outdoor plans that match the overall architectural design of your space.

We also make sure to only use materials that are of the best quality while taking into consideration your lifestyle, budget and vision for the project. Our client’s satisfaction is always a top priority so we always pay close attention to any of your inputs during and even before the project starts. You can also count on us to answer any of your questions even after the project is completed.

Call us now and we’ll help you transform the exteriors of your property into the outdoor settings of your dreams!

angled photo of pergola and deck built by Clarkies Carpentry and Construction in the Southern Highlands, NSW
Front angle of the Southern Highlands Deck and Pergola built by Clarkies Carpentry
Stylish Pergola with a timber slatted design and brick as a foundation