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We take great pride in our jobs. From new build house frames, to fresh turf, we cover everything at Clarkies Carpentry. Based in the Southern Highlands of Sydney, we are your trusted carpentry and construction company, servicing all areas of Sydney, Wollongong, Goulburn and Canberra.

With professionalism, safety and quality as our focus, we strive to not only deliver, but over-deliver on every job, making sure that you are left with nothing but smiles on your face (and the work completed to perfection of course!).

Put your trust in us. The head Clarkie himself Brad and his team of experienced professionals are ready to take on your project and leave you with a result that will have your neighbours wishing they called us instead!

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Looking for a Southern Highlands carpenter to build your dream project? We, at Clarkies Carpentry and Construction, are here to provide you with our expert carpentry and renovations services. We are a local construction company that specialises in building retaining walls, pergolas and decks, eaves and cladding, timber framing and landscaping. Our team is composed of creatives and industrious woodworkers who are eager to take on new carpentry and construction projects with you. If you have carpentry needs that require accomplished and professional craftsmen to complete, you can count on us to do the job. We can take on renovations and repairs of all sizes—whether a full Southern highlands home renovation or an installation of retaining walls Bowral area. We got you covered! Witness your vision come into reality with us as your trusted partner.

Wondering what we have to offer? Here's what you can look forward to by working with us.

Sophisticated craftsmanship of the highest standard. As a proud Southern highlands carpenter, woodcrafting is not just a professional calling but a passion we're committed to achieve with great success. Construction to us is an artform, shaped by meticulous planning and grounded on our hard work and dedication. We don't just stop at getting things done for you but we go an extra mile to make sure that what you're getting is of the finest standards. From woodworking to landscaping, whatever you decide to create with us, whether you want to attach pergolas and decks, set up eaves and cladding to your ideal house, improve your garden, or simply have window repairs, we always aim for perfection in our work and will help you achieve designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but can also last for long periods and many seasons. Our craftsmanship has continuously grown throughout our Bowral carpentry jobs, making clients happy and satisfied, one transformation at a time.

A team of skilled and efficient professionals. Our skilled team of professionals has years of experience in the trade of carpentry and construction and has long been remodeling homes and landscaping southern highlands. All our team members went through rigorous training and possess a set of skills that have passed our required excellent carpentry and construction qualifications. We’ve developed a keen eye for details that will help to truly bring out the beauty in your architectural concepts. As an expert construction team, we’re very versatile and can adapt to the needs of your visions and designs. We guarantee to satisfy not only your varieties of woodworking needs but also your landscaping projects, to only produce results that will become beautiful additions to your spaces, both residential and commercial, elevating the quality and style of your lives.


"Brad was very professional and completed the job within the specified time. We are very happy with the quality of work. I would hire him again."



"Brad was very good, and very obliging. He was fantastic! He understood my part and so far, I'm happy with his service. Thank you so much Bradley!"



"He was fantastic! He arrived when he said he would and he also did an excellent job, I'll be using him for this job and future jobs from now on!"



Professional Carpentry in the Southern Highlands

Our construction skills can be applied in a wide array of different settings. When it comes to residential constructions, we can accommodate both minor and major renovations. Does your flooring already require a much needed change and you’re looking to upgrade to a more polished look? Building a house from the ground up and need a team of carpenters to set up the timber framing? Want to increase the market value of your home? Need that backdoor installed and ready for fit-outs? Or do you want your barren backyard to become a precious area for you and your family where you can hang out and chill by landscaping the plot and turning it into a nice garden? Or maybe you have an extra space that can be built into a pergolas and decks? Our team can do all of that for you. In terms of commercial constructions, we are open to working with different kinds of projects. From libraries, private offices, restaurants, to retail stores and even government offices, you can call on us to upgrade any of your carpentry and construction necessities. Our team members have the full capacity to turn your once boring and plain space into an area where you can be productive and modify it into an inviting place for both you and your clients. Drive traffic to your commercial space by creating an attractive-looking interior and exterior that customers will love to visit.

Safe, convenient, and accommodating. A safe working condition is sacred to us. Carpentry and construction can be an exciting job that makes use of heavy tools, machinery, and equipment. Being the professionals that we are, precautions are imperative and a priority whenever we take on any project. To minimise risks, we follow strict safety rules and we plan and organize ahead of the construction date. We show up at the construction site with proper protective gears such as protective glasses during window repairs or wood cutting when performing fitouts, and masks when applying adhesive and finishes. All carpentry and construction tools, including saws, hammers, utility knives, and sanders, are also pre-checked and made sure to be in perfect condition. Our team members are responsible and are always alert during working hours to decrease any chances of jeopardizing the project.

We understand that clients sometimes have to occupy the property while the carpentry and construction job is happening. This is totally fine with us! We have the experience to handle these situations. Many times we have provided solutions to these occasions and made it very convenient for the client. For example, while landscaping southern highlands residences, or building retaining walls Bowral area, the client’s family decided to stay in their homes as we worked in their backyard.

We can always accommodate and adjust to your preferred construction hours. By strategically coming up with a programmed work-time schedule, we can give the clients the freedom to continue with their living or working situations while within the property of the construction site.

Utmost care and attention is practiced every step of the way to make sure that everything is safe and sound. Our construction work is arranged according to your convenience. Dependable and capable, we are the top choice for Bowral carpentry and construction jobs.

Engaged communications with the client. A successful carpentry and construction service take a collaborative effort between us and the client. We are partners in this, and so we always make an effort to establish an honest and constant communication with each of our clients. Transparency is key here. No calls will go unanswered. We exercise excellent customer care. From planning to completion, the client will be along for the ride and will be informed on all the progress. We believe this process of having a clear understanding of the client’s overall expectations can contribute to the success of the project.

Our Services


Completed Pergola in Hill Top, NSW


Block Retaining Wall in Hill Top, NSW

Retaining Walls

Landscaping preparation in the Southern Highlands


Outdoor Kitchen area constructed by Clarkies Carpentry


Home Fixout in Sydney's West


Contemporary cladding in an Australian home

Eaves & Cladding

New Timber Framing on a residential home

Timber Framing

Home renovation in Southern Highlands of Sydney


The Process

During the initial stage, we normally take the time to meet up with the client. This gives us the opportunity to hold a discussion about your specifications, including what materials we can use that will fit your budget, the projected time frame, and your general vision of the project. The consultation phase gives you the benefit of a personal and individual service specifically tailored to your set of needs and wants. You can of course count on us to offer our expert advice and guidance to ensure the project stays grounded. Our team members can help you decide on anything you still have doubts about such as which material to use. We can offer and show you different samples you can select from that fits your budget to help you make your well thought out decisions.

During the on-going construction, if the client does not live or work around the site location, we will call you and encourage you to schedule a visit so you can see for yourself how your project is coming to life. Aside from witnessing your vision come into existence, this also allows you to make suggestions for any changes that you want to make before things become final and complete. And even when the project is finished, you can still reach us and we’ll always be available to answer any of your questions regarding the project.

Responsible and eco-friendly supply chain of materials. Of course it goes without saying that having worked with both residential and commercial properties, we have a strong tradition of applying quality carpentry labor using the best and cost-effective materials that can stand different and harsh environmental elements. And to add icing on the cake, our materials are taken from exemplary supply chains that care about the environment. Upon request, we can supply you with recycled timbers that are responsibly collected. As a carpentry and construction company, we recognize that wood is among the lifeblood of our profession. And so we respect it and are committed to only receive supplies from sources with legitimate and accredited environmental qualifications. We are an environmentally conscious company, and are always on a continuous search for ways to decrease a construction’s energy consumption. Any client who feels the same way about the environment can express their demands for economically friendly materials. We are always willing to go out of our way to answer to this sustainable and responsible building.

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